countertop display panel / indoor / magnetic / metal
6255084 MAUL


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Highly functional: For presenting info-sheets: posters, proofs, technicaldrawings, flipchart sheetsSpace-saving: stable steel clampMade in Germany, guarantee 3 yearsAdvantage of the magnetic clips: documents only have to be pushed into theclips and they snap shut themselves, thus allowing large documents to beaffixed by one personAluminium swivel arm A1 (100 cm, 80 g/m²) with 3 sliding magnetic clipsCan be extended for up to 4 arms (Art. nr. 626 00 08 or 626 10 08)Documents can be hung on various clips, showing both sidesSuitable for paper and other material as well, like cloth or slides uptoapprox. 100 g/m², depending on surface and thicknessClever: Swivel arm with automatic braking for individual height adjustment,horizontally adjustableWhen not in use, the arms can be folded down out of the wayStable silver anodised support extendable to 120 cm above the deskSafe: Height adjustment with integrated brake and signal-coloured arm endsSteel clamp with plastic houding suitable for desks up to 6 cm thicknessColours: black-silver in combination with locking parts in greyMagnetic clips lacquered on the inside to avoid rupture when pullingdocumentsfrom closed clipsCan also be used with Rollerclips V (Art. nr. 625 20 84)Safe and ecological packaging, can be recycled