building energy analysis software / for electrical installations


  • Type:

    building energy analysis

  • Applications:

    for electrical installations


SolarBIM PV offers complete, accurate and reliable calculation tools for designing
Solar BIM PV systems:
- calculate profits and payback with Complete Economic Analysis tools
- design a dynamic hourly basis Simulator of Grid-connected Photovoltaic Systems for maximum efficiency
SolarBIM PV is the only software to include all technical and economical analysis tools for efficient cost effective system design and comprehensive business plan analysis.

Hourly Basis Simulation
SolarBIM PV includes Hour-by-Hour system simulation to accurately represent real system productivity.
The designer can then alter design configuration for maximum system efficiency:
- Hourly PV Module working temperature based on installation (The module can be integrated or separate from the building envelope)
- Partial or total shading due to obstacle placement in reference to the horizon
- Partial or total shading due to PV module arrays, layout of strings and objects between or near strings
- Real efficiency of the inverter based on the working electrical load (nominal or partial output)
- Power Limiting in Overload and reduced efficiency