Modular bookcase / contemporary / commercial / lacquered MDF
RANDOM 2C - 3C MDF Italia


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  • Material:

    lacquered MDF, melamine

  • Options:

    child's, modular


Random 2C 3C by Neuland Industriedesign

The iconic Random bookcase is renewed and the product range welcomes new modules and colours.
The two dimensional variants, named 2C and 3C, make Random flexible and adaptable to all spaces in a home and to different market demands.
The new elements can express unique style even if they are of modest size, perfect in small spaces or dedicated niches.
Also, when combined with the Random module, they renew the collection’s modularity to create new and different configurations.

Another new aspect is the contrasting variant, which introduces two one-of-a-kind modules that can highlight the iconic lines of the Random collection with an interesting application of chiaroscuro imagery.

Monochromatic version
A bookcase made of 6 mm thick medium- density wood fibreboards, with matt lacquer (micro-goffered) in white or medium grey, and back of melamine-coated board (thickness 10 mm).
The new elements 2C, 3C are available with matt lacquer in white, ash grey , light grey, medium grey, powder pink, light acid green, medium acid green, dark acid green, light olive green, medium olive green, dark olive green, light powder blue, medium powder blue, dark powder blue, light avio blue, medium avio blue, dark avio blue.
- Random 2C (2 spans): height 217, width 35.8 cm, depth 25 cm
- Random 3C (3 spans): height 217, width 46.4 cm, depth 25 cm


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