Zinc roofing / upright joint


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    upright joint


RHEINZINK begins by combining zinc with trace amounts of high purity copper and titanium to produce a metal with superior properties. Then RHEINZINK uses a proprietary manufacturing process that results in metal sheets with highly desirable physical properties. The resulting RHEINZINK material can be cut, bent, formed and embossed into a variety of architectural metal products.

Natural RHEINZINK comes in the Bright Rolled finish which forms a unique patina over time. If you're looking for a patinated look without the wait, RHEINZINK offers their product in two pre-weathered finishes: Blue Gray and Graphite Gray. These finishes are protected with RHEINZINK’s exclusive pre-weathered pro finish that prevents damage from moisture during transportation and fingerprints during installation.

Beauty and durability aren't the only benefits of RHEINZINK material. The use of zinc in architecture will helps a building qualify for LEED™ certification. At Metal Tech-USA, we work with architects and contractors who want to use zinc in new construction.


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