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The compact, low-cost monitoring and control unit is suitable for PV systems in the 1 to 15 kWp power class with up to three inverters. The data logger allows particularly simple configuration and system startup. The WEB’log Residential identifies faults and inconsistencies during normal operation and alerts the operator using the integrated status LEDs. In addition audible alarms can be selected. For detailed analysis, the fault memory can be read from a PC connected directly via USB. Connecting the data logger to the Internet via Ethernet allows the operating data to be visualized and monitored regardless of location using the free safer’Sun Public web portal.

With four digital inputs and a Power Control function, the WEB’log Residential meets the grid feed-in management requirements set out in the EEG (German Renewable Energy Law). This allows a ripple control receiver to be connected.


System production recording
Visual and audible fault alarms
Graphic evaluation option on the safer’Sun Public web portal
Connection of 3 or 4 channel ripple control receivers
Intelligent Power Limit (IPL) for power limiting taking on-siteenergy consumption into account
Your benefits

Low-cost basic package
Straightforward and quick installation
Can also be used locally without an Internet connection
Compliance with current grid feed-in management guidelines
safer’Sun Professional upgrade option