porcelain stoneware raised floor tile / heat-resistant / indoor
PTS Mirage Granito Ceramico



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    porcelain stoneware

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UK The continual increase in technological and design equipment in workplaces (electrical, telephone and IT networks, heating systems and air conditioning systems) and research into optimising operativity and the wellbeing of workers has led to a growing trend in raised flooring; above and beyond arranging and moving cables and pipework freely.

PTS is the profession system for indoor raised flooring Made in Mirage® and involves a flooring system raised onto metal structures using supported, removable modules that create a space for design.

The special feature of this system is its functionality; it allows you to access systems and operate them without having to intervene in the wall structure. This provides unquestionable savings in terms of time and management costs.

PTS is made up of two main parts: panels and a substructure.

The panel creates a connection between the support and the stoneware strip of the cover that forms the footboard. This ensures aesthetic quality and excellent stability and resistance over time.

The purpose of the substructure is to support the footboard and transfer stress placed on it to the screed underneath. As the panels are installed dry (without glue) on site, it is possible to intervene on each floor panel to move them. Also, all components can be reused at a later time in different rooms to those in which the floor was originally installed. The type of installation used for the panels also ensures that they can be disposed of at the end of their useful life in a way that has no impact on the environment.

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