wooden sports flooring / for indoor use / for multipurpose gyms



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    for indoor use

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    for multipurpose gyms


Wooden sports flooring approved to FIBA LEVEL 1 standard, formed of a single layer of slatted phenolic plywood. The pre-finished beech, oak or maple surface is fixed to the plywood layer and coated with high-resistance varnish.

Shock absorption is provided by a pre-manufactured elastic underlayment, made of recycled tires, treated and encapsulated sandwich-like between two polyester layers.
The base provides excellent comfort, uniform shock absorption and a completely uniform response across the entire surface. The system is recommended when an underfloor heating is installed, because Zeta System FTS can assure an homogenous and continuous heat diffusion on the surface.

Zeta System FTS has obtained the CE label and complies with European standards EN 14904 and the requirements of international sports federations.