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Vitella’s Semi- Automatic Bun Divider Moulder is designed to effortlessly cut and shape dough with accuracy and consistency with an output of up to 4,600 pieces per hour.
Requiring just one person to set up and operate, the SPA TA will divide and shape dough pieces within a surprisingly small footprint, enabling it to be used where space is at a premium. Ideal for the small to medium sized bakery it has a product weight range of between 25g to 260g and this can be simply altered with the adjustable levers.
Dough is placed into chamber of the machine which quickly and easily cuts and shapes the dough using an oscillating plate.

— Product weight range of between 25g to 260g
— Choice of 6 models with a capacity ranging from 15 divisions to 52 divisions
— Simple one-person operation reduces labour costs
— Small footprint fits in most environments
— Stainless steel shaping chamber, cutting blade and division grids
— Manufactured in hygienic stainless steel for quick and easy cleaning
— Simple to use lever to set the product weight
— Quick and easy to use
— Mechanical machine

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