aluminum ventilation grill / steel / square
NV Monodraught



  • Material:

    aluminum, steel

  • Shape:



Block line of sight into private areas.
Giving adequate ventilation in areas where privacy must be maintained can be a challenge. NV1-3 non vision grilles have a special chevron blade arrangement, completely blocking line of sight through the grille.
Sight Blocking: The special chevron blade shape used on NV1, NV2 and NV3 grilles allows blades to interlock, completely blocking line of sight from any angle. NV4 grilles utilise a different, non chevron blade needed for the slimline construction. As a result, a very narrow line of sight can be obtained by looking up at the grille from directly below.
Aesthetics: Form, however, is just as important as function, and NV grilles have been designed to look as good as possible. NV1-3 grilles use the same style frames as the wider range of Air Precision grilles for continuity across a range of grille types.
Materials: Extruded aluminium throughout
Construction: Frame held together using punched in steel corners

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