aluminum ventilation grill / steel / square
CB Monodraught



  • Material:

    aluminum, steel

  • Shape:



Designed primarily as a supply diffuser, Series CB curved blade grilles provide an unconventional appearance with excellent diffusion capabilities, allowing narrow or wide throws to be created, in multiple directions. Available in 5 throw formats, and with a range of options including opposed blade dampers and concealed fixings.
Materials: Extruded aluminium frame and blade
Frame held together using punched in steel corners
Blades secured with high tensile spring wire and starlock washers
Mullions: Central mullion on any unit above 900 mm wide (CB1 & CB2O).
Mass / m2 face area:
8.5 kg
16.5 kg including opposed blade damper (optional)
Free area: Approx. 90% maximum

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