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Steel profile / stainless steel / U-shaped / T
ROLL-FORMED Montanstahl


  • Material:

    steel, stainless steel

  • Cross section:

    U-shaped, T

  • Other characteristics:



Montanstahl manufactures roll-formed sections by making a groove in a flat material strip, into which a second strip of flat material is inserted upright, which is then continuously squeezed. The second strip of material is fixed in the groove by linear forming in the longitudinal direction and the resulting squeezing process. Such a joint does not provide a substance-to-substance bond as in welding, but rather a positive and form fit. Therefore, different materials as well as materials of the same type already surface treated can be joined together. This technology is used for normal constructional steel, duplex steel and stainless steel as well as these materials in connection with non-metals.
The restrictions relating to the diverse combinations of this joining technology must be taken into account in individual cases.
In addition to enabling the use of new types of material combinations, in the manufacture of steel sections the roll-forming process offers the advantage that, prior to joining, the individual components can be machined in their two-dimensional state and are therefore generally more cost-effective. Machining often involves grinding and polishing processes that can be carried out considerably more cost-effectively on flat material than on three-dimensional sections. Sections manufactured in this way or polished sections made of stainless steel can be produced to any special dimensions and lengths and delivered both in small quantities as well as in large volumes for large-scale projects.


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