indoor door / sliding / wooden / glass



  • Type:


  • Opening system:


  • Material:

    wooden, glass, aluminum

  • Technical characteristics:

    automatic, electric

  • Applications:

    for public buildings, for hotel rooms


The EvoDrive is a compact sliding door track (just 60mm high x 65mm deep) equipped with magnetic linear motor technology developed by MOTION4, which has been designed for the automation of interior automatic sliding doors, and with the operator fixed front mounted to a wall. It combines the small size and discreet look of a manual track with the performance of a conventional automatic door operator.
The EvoDrive can be combined with different models of door leaves (glass, aluminium, timber) and can be activated by “Push & Go”, a wireless push button, a touch-less switch, radars or even access control systems. The EvoDrive is the ideal solution for the automation of internal sliding doors in hotels, offices, hospitals, private homes, etc., and in a large variety of applications such as access to private rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, meeting rooms, VIP rooms, etc..

- Compact aluminium housing: only 60×65/70 mm (depending on version)
- Minimum clear opening: 700mm Track length: 1450 mm
- Maximum clear opening: 1400mm Track length: 2850 mm
- Leaf weight from up to 80Kg
- Adjustable opening speed: 200 to 800 mm/s
- Acceleration and braking curves: 200 to 800mm/s2
- Low operating noise: <50Db
- Electric three phase AC motor type LSMPM – Linear Synchronous Motor with Permanent Magnets
- Power supply: 230 AC 50-60Hz (110V on demand)
- Power consumption: In operation: 80W. Peaks (0,2 sec): 150W. Stand-by: 5w
- Adaptors for timber, aluminium or glass door leaves

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