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In-ground swimming pool / stainless steel / for wellness centers / outdoor


  • Installation:


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Market:

    for wellness centers

  • Location:



Myrtha Pools® have promoted their experience and their technologies, at international level, also in the thermal wellness sector, realizing exclusive projects, in centres often sited in areas rich in thermal springs, renowned to offer the real thing concerning anything to do with solutions and treatments for health. The quality of the materials used, specifically designed for the use in the swimming pool, allows for the maximum resistance to any type of water, from the one treated with chlorine, to the thermal and salty ones.

Besides, the features of Myrtha® Technology allow for the maximum versatility of the projects, that in many of these cases prove themselves to be highly complex.
Communicating pools, partially indoor and partially outdoor, or placed on different levels and linked by waterfalls, hydromassage areas, rivers and lagoons. These are the different planning possibilities offered by Myrtha Pools® for wellness and health, integrated furthermore by a complete series of indispensable accessories, such as hydromassage lounges, benches and islands, geysers, multicolour underwater lights. With special attention, finally, for details and finishes, often made in local stone, chosen to match with the natural characteristics of the surrounding environment.


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