ceiling air diffuser / square / round / helical
DAL 358 NAD Klima



  • Installation:


  • Shape:

    square, round, helical


The DAL 358 swirl diffuser is made of steel. The receptacle and the eccentric rollers are integrated to the front plate (square or round). Each diffuser is supplied with a stabilising chamber, allowing for a uniform and silent airflow.

The DAL 358 permits optimal configuration of the ventilation system to meet the ventilation requirements of a room.

The eccentric rollers allow for a variety of airstream configurations, even after the unit has been installed.
The DAL 358’s technology provides high speed air discharge with low acoustic power.

The helical airstream, the stability and the high induction generated from the very outset of the outlet vent make the DAL 358 the diffuser of choice for high air flow rates and variable air volumes.