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countertop office divider / fabric / polyester / acoustic felt



  • Installation:


  • Material:

    fabric, polyester, acoustic felt, metal

  • Options:

    modular, soundproofed


TOP 530

Top 530 acoustic screens system safeguards your privacy at work and keeps out your colleagues’ irritating telephone or computer sounds as well. It helps not only to concentrate on your work but also allows people to come together easily and share info.

Top 530 acoustic screens are filled with noise reducing material which can be covered with felt wool or polyester fabric. The thickness of the panels is 3,8 cm, height above the desktop 53 cm.

The functionality of the screens and opportunity to choose different colors suits various customers’ needs. Also, ‘Manade’ and 'Felt Wool' accessories can be mounted to the panels.

• Designed for table combinations (benches) and individual tables
• Front screens can be height adjustable
• Certificated sound absorber - class D
• More privacy with 53 cm height screens