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floor-mounted office divider / countertop / acoustic felt / metal



  • Installation:

    floor-mounted, countertop

  • Material:

    acoustic felt, metal, in acoustic fabric

  • Options:



MY SPACE – creatively and ergonomically designed workplace for everybody!

The acoustic screen system MY SPACE enables to use creativity while forming individual workplace. Due to its’ functionality, screens can be combined originally. It is a warm and comfortable environment made to facilitate communication and improve wellbeing.

MY SPACE acoustic panels are filled with noise reducing material which can be covered with felt wool or polyester fabric. The thickness of the panels is 38mm, height 127 cm, height above the desktop 53 cm. Metal legs come in white, dark gray or metallic colors.

The functionality of the screens and opportunity to choose different colors to suit various customers’ needs. Also, ‘Manade’ and 'Felt Wool' accessories can be mounted to the panels.

The acoustic screen system MY SPACE can be mounted together with 2,5 cm desktops, designed with metal frames and cut-outs for wire management.