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interior acoustic panel / for ceilings / for false ceilings / fabric
MODUS (one-sided for ceiling) NARBUTAS



  • Applications:

    for interior, for ceilings, for false ceilings

  • Material:

    fabric, wool, felt, metal

  • Other characteristics:


  • Market:

    for offices, for public buildings

  • Thickness:

    Max.: 70 mm

    Min.: 40 mm

  • Width:

    Max.: 1,200 cm (472 in)

    Min.: 400 cm (157 in)

  • Length:

    Max.: 1,200 cm (472 in)

    Min.: 400 cm (157 in)



The acoustic panel system is the modern way to reduce noise spectrum. Using this system allows the optimization of working conditions and quality in modern office (effective sound absorption, zones division, visually attractive interior fulfillment).

The main function of acoustic panels is to minimize sound reflection (echo) and noise, improving the acoustic comfort. Special patented and certified material which effectively absorbs the sound is used inside of the acoustic panels.

MODUS one-sided ceiling (horizontal) panels

- Fixed to the ceiling - height adjustable (50-1200/3000 mm).
- Available various panel combinations thicknesses and different color.


• The possibility to choose from various types of sizes, heights and orientation (horizontal, vertical)
• Different fabric colours in panel combinations
• 2 colour fabric combinations in vertical panels
• Certificated sound absorber - class C
• Light weight construction

• LST EN ISO 354:2004
• LST EN ISO 11654:1998