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garden fence / louvered / WPC / FSC-certified



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    FSC-certified, noise barrier


... effective visual protection with certified noise reduction
You are looking for a place to wind down and just shut out everyday life? Our new FLEXIBLE privacy shield / noise protection creates favourite spots in which you can just let go. You are both safe from prying onlookers, and can enjoy acoustic tranquility. Thanks to our FLEXIBLE privacy shield / noise protection, sound pollution is a stress factor of the past. Special sealing compounds and innovative slats provide improved tested noise protection that reduces annoying environmental noise by 28 dB (according to DIN EN 10140-2). FLEXIBLE’s soundproofing qualities were tested and found to be of category B3 (corresponds to DIN EN 1793-2 DLR = 26 dB) – an extraordinary advantage which makes our privacy shield / noise protection far superior to others and therefore unique.

FLEXIBLE consists of elegant brown or anthracite aluminium posts, and slats striated on both sides that can easily be connected on top of each other, thus making them adjustable in height. The post sets are available both as ground posts or to be attached to an underlying construction. FLEXIBLE can if desired, be equipped with window modules made of acrylic glass in different sizes (1 or 3 times the size), or can be made of stainless steel. The new privacy shield / noise protection is available in brown, anthracite, and modern titanium grey.
Privacy shield available in brown, anthracite, titanium grey
Available as a DIY kit, as well as in individual parts
Durable with an elegant wooden look, surface unbrushed with ornamental grooves
No painting or oiling necessary