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Flo-Well manufactured dry well presents an easy to install and sustainable solution for stormwater runoff.

Used independently or as part of a larger stormwater management system, Flo-Well units collect, retain, and discharge stormwater on-site, offering a gravel-free alternative to a traditional dry well.

Units are modular and can be connected in series or stacked to meet a variety of project needs. Manufactured in Lindsay, CA from 100% recycled materials.
Environmental Benefits

Stormwater filters naturally through subsurface, reducing pollutants
Ground water tables replenished by stormwater discharge on-site
Volume of runoff is reduced, which decreases chances of flooding and soil erosion
Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic

Competitive Benefits

Each Flo-Well unit hold approximately 50 gallons of stormwater, over 50% more than a traditional peastone drywell
Easy to install; does not require heavy equipment
Additional units can be connected in series to accommodate higher volumes of water
Units can also be stacked for a smaller footprint
More cost-effective than larger piping systems that transport stormwater to discharge points
Faster and easier clean-up then traditional drywell; no gravel to ding blades of lawn mowers