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For the hundreds of thousands of houses that are still heated by direct electrical heating, NIBE has now created a reliable alternative that can handle Nordic conditions. Our new Aria air/air heat pump can heat up to 180 m², even in our cold and demanding climate. If connecting to a wood-burning stove, there is a built in function that helps to spread the heat throughout the home, and pauses the pump until the fire has gone out. Remote control via your smartphone means that a comfortable temperature can be achieved for when you come home and open the front door.

Unique design
Condensation lead off (accessory)
Warranty insurance for up to 12 years
Indoor temperature adjustable down to +10
Remote control via App
Heating operation down to -20 °C
Adaptive defrosting procedure
Advanced active air cleaning
Up to 60% lower heating costs
Multi-installations possible with several indoor units
Can be combined with water borne heating system
Can be connected to the hot water cylinder


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