reinforcement geogrid / for ground stabilization / drainage / patio



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    reinforcement, for ground stabilization, drainage

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nidagreen®: underlay with drainage and guaranteed flatness

Nidagreen®, used as an artificial turf support, is a honeycomb, polypropylene panel covered on both sides with a geotextile membrane to ensure drainage.
On the ground, laid on natural surfaces, the nidagreen® panel ensures perfect drainage under artificial turf. It also spreads the load on the levelling course and guarantees a flat surface in the long term.
On flat roofs, combined with geoflow drainage ®, the nidagreen® panel serves as an added layer for the supporting surface but also ensures perfect drainage to the rainwater disposal system. This prevents stagnating water on the artificial turf.
In the event of heavy rainfall, the nidagreen® panel has significant storage capacity beneath the artificial turf, so that the water can filter into the supporting ground or gradually drain away to the disposal system.

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