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Nidagravel : The biggest gravel stabilizer !

Gravel gives the impression of space and combine the mineral and the vegetable.
Ideal for paths, driveways, parking spaces, terraces etc.
Gravel adds a distinctive and spacious look to your property. It offers a firm and stable surface for pedestrians and any wheeled vehicle.
The honeycombed structure of Nidagravel panels completely stabilises the gravel.
The gravel stabilizer dimensions(240 x 120 cm) guarantee fast and easy laying.
Nidagravel infiltrates rainwater directly into the ground and avoids runoff, making it an optimal Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS).
Walking, cycling, using wheelchair and pushing a pram across gravel will no longer pose the slightest problem. Loose earth, unattractive rutting, puddles and dangerous potholes will be a thing of the past.

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