drainage geogrid / green roof / polypropylene



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    green roof

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Nidaplast® RAZS: a light and cost-efficient alternative for the creation of infertile weed barrier area

For the development of a rooftop garden, DTU 43 requires the creation of a voluntarily vegetationdeprived infertile area. Often these areas are gravelled. In general, these areas allow easy access for leak tests around the edges of the roof or for emergences or ancillary works (ventilation, light shafts etc.) during annual maintenance or repair work.
They also avoid the risk of deterioration of watertightness due to the vegetation, in particular
during maintenance works.
Infertile areas prevent the blocking of rainwater inlets and valleys by the substrate or invasive overgrowth.
In order to define these areas, the designer relies on the DTU 43 standard and the professional rules that specify their positions and the conditions in which they are either compulsory or optional. Their width is generally at least 40 cm. The smaller nidaplast® RAZS honeycomb modules are ideal for the creation of these infertile areas. They come in different heights, are very light and allow easy and quick installation.

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