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DIVA Nordwall International



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DIVA system, 100 mm. thick, is made of galvanised steel posts, specially shaped, fitted with spring load top adjuster and floor levelling feet. The shape of the steel posts characterizes the system, allowing a fast fitting of panels to the framework. In detail, the vertical posts and cross bars of the frame have a section with rounded flexible bent edges, designed to fit the panels with a clip-on system, with no need of any other fittings. The ceiling and floor channels are made with precoated steel sheet, which leaves an exposed kick plate of 40 mm. The flexible fixing gaskets, inserted in the edges of the posts and cross bars, secure a strong, mechanical fixture of the entire system. The solid external panels, made of different materials and with different finishes, are groove shaped to be fitted with the clip-on system to the posts and cross bar, without the need of any hardware. The solid panels, with melamine or veneered finish, are reversible and usable on either face. The external glazed panels, made up of pre-treated extruded aluminium frame profiles, are shaped to be fitted in the same way to be fitted to the mainframe and are complete with flexible gaskets and glass panes in observance of current safety standards. The glass panels are available with inset glass to the aluminum frame of 18 or 40 mm. ( C18 or C40 ) Corner joint posts, starting posts and other vertical components are shaped in the same profile to provide the proper connection between the walls.