Removable partition / aluminum / glazed / for offices
COLOR DUO Nordwall International


  • Type:


  • Material:

    aluminum, glazed

  • Applications:

    for offices

  • Other characteristics:



COLOR DUO partition system is made of seamsless single or double glass panels, framed in an aluminum and steel structure, self-bearing, with independent construction components, fitted with polycarbonate sealing joints. These walls secure an excellent acoustic performance and ensure a good clear-cut aesthetics, due to the vertical and horizontal profiles on the perimeter connections.
Thanks to the flush glass surface, the wall can take any kind of manifestation and decoration layers, uninterrupted.
In particular, with the 3M Blaze dicroic film, with reflecting surface, the wall takes a multicolor effect due to the faceted segments of the curved wall.
COLOR DUO system, in its double glass option, allow the fitting of glass sliding doors, single of double leaf, that run in the cavity of the partition within the glasses.


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