Contemporary visitor chair / with armrests / upholstered / fabric
HELLO! Nowy Styl Group


  • Style:


  • Options:

    with armrests, upholstered

  • Material:

    fabric, leather

  • Market:

    for public buildings


Let’s talk! Hello, ciao, hola – every day people around the world say this word- friendly and encouraging. Chair Hello! it’s just like that. Created with idea “light is beautiful” – it’s really light and that’s why is suitable even to small interiors. Available on static or swivel base will always keep up with dynamic of every meeting. Hello! can be fully upholstered with leather, leather imitation or fabrics in many different species. Thanks to that you will create chair suitable to character and style of your interior. Product line offers one and two-seater armchair and single and double table.


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