Modular sofa / contemporary / fabric / commercial
HEXA by Mac Stopa Nowy Styl Group


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  • Market:

    commercial, for public buildings

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  • Options:

    privacy, high-back

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Constant ringing phones, a noisy coffee machine, loud conversations here, there and everywhere - sound familiar? An office can often feel like a hectic beehive where people are constantly coming and going, a quiet patch can be hard to find. Good spatial arrangement is key to success. With the Hexa system this becomes much easier. Offices of today are vibrant places: things constantly evolving, change being the only thing that's constant. People are always in discussion and looking for new solutions. Hexa helps create spaces in which we can focus our positive thoughts and work together efficiently. This is often how some of the best ideas are born. Hexa's extensive range of modules allows the creation of diverse systems, depending on the needs of a specific office and the function it is expected to serve. An additional advantage of Hexa seating is the ability to mix different upholstery colours on one module. Just free your imagination to create a system to match any space.

The Hexa modular seating system can be can be used to create a unique system that will work almost every kind of workspace, complementing the function and aesthetics of an interior. It helps create a hub which ensures acoustic isolation when seated within a pod. This ensures private meetings and a better flow of information and exchange of ideas.

The Hexa range consists of 18 modules serving as seats or linking units which can be freely configured. The Hexa seating system consists of modules with armrests (free-standing modules), modules without armrests, modules with only right or only left armrest, and corner units – of which sets can be composed.


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