Workstation desk / laminate / melamine / contemporary
EMODEL Nowy Styl Group


  • Type:


  • Material:

    laminate, melamine

  • Style:


  • Market:


  • Options:

    with storage, modular


Working long hours at a desk is definitely not good for your spine. The eModel desk with electric height adjustment allows you to perform your everyday tasks in sitting and standing positions alternatively, relieving your spine and neck muscles. The possibility of changing your working position, from sitting to standing or halfstanding, has a positive impact on your health and consequently increases your productivity and comfort at work. The eModel desk is a perfect solution for any user despite their height e.g. for very tall employees. Thanks to the wide range of adjustment options, it is possible to arrange a workstation in an optimal way and tailor it to people’s individual needs. Contemporary organisations are no longer based only on individual work. A huge attention is paid to meetings, both formal and informal.
eModel is an ideal solution for conference spaces. It allows for holding long discussions in a comfortable sitting position. It also works for quick and spontaneous meetings in a standing position making them shorter and more effective.


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