Workstation desk / laminate / metal / contemporary
PLAY&WORK by WertelOberfell Nowy Styl Group


  • Type:


  • Material:

    laminate, metal

  • Style:


  • Market:


  • Options:

    modular, corner, height-adjustable


Work as you play, play as you work.
Working is like playing a game. You cooperate and compete with others. You follow your passion, achieve successes, but sometimes also suffer a defeat. You are flexible in searching for alternative solutions to attain your goal. You try to find satisfaction and the sense of fulfilment, because only then you work ceases to be a duty and becomes a true pleasure.

Every day, in your work, you make different decisions. Each of them is like a move in a game bringing you closer to victory. The space around you is like a game board – the proper arrangement of its elements is the key to success. The process of designing workstations can be compared to predicting a few game moves ahead. Space arrangement simply cannot correspond only to current needs. The Play&Work system, thanks to the wide range of functional options, is a strategic choice that will help you win every single game.


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