Contemporary office armchair / fabric / swivel / on casters
NAVIGO by Oscar Buffon Nowy Styl Group


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    swivel, on casters, with armrests, adjustable-height


Navigo means high comfort encapsulated in an appealing design by Oscar Buffon. The most interesting aspects of the chair are its different backrest versions – an upholstered back in the same colour as the seat and backrest, or with a plastic cover that resembles a jalousie, through which the upholstery is visible, giving an intriguing effect. The colour visible on the back of the chair has a huge impact on the whole interior's look and shapes the character of a particular space.

The Navigo chair can be fitted with three different mechanisms which allow for multi-step adjustment. When sitting on the chair, users can adjust its settings to their individual needs, which is particularly useful for shift work or hot desking.

The mechanisms available for the Navigo chair ensure so-called ""dynamic sitting,"" while every change of body position helps users release tensed muscles and unload pressure from their spine.

During free floating the backrest and seat tilt synchronously, providing the user with optimal back support. The negative seat inclination angle function prevents the user from feeling pressure under their knees.

The chair can be equipped with a self-weighing mechanism that automatically adapts the backrest tilting force to the user's weight.


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