Original design restaurant chair / wooden
CAFE Nowy Styl Group


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    original design

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When arranging restaurant and café spaces, we most often look for simple solutions and classic materials that will give a particular space a unique character. Because of its versatility and natural beauty, wood can add sophistication to every interior.

By complementing our offer with wooden legs for the Cafe chair line and new wood stain colours, we have enabled our customers to arrange their space in a completely new way. Non-standard effects can be achieved by combining wood with laminate or by choosing unusual plywood colours. Bright wood adds a gentle, subtle character to every interior. By choosing chairs in a slightly darker colour, we are able to create a space with a feeling of classic elegance. We also offer models with a base and seat made of high quality wood in one of our pastel colours, which add a splash of lightness and elegance to every interior. Thanks the wide colour palette, the chairs can match other elements in the space easily.


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