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TAUKO by Mac Stopa Nowy Styl Group


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In order to meet those needs, we offer a unique line of chairs and tables called Tauko (which means "a break," "a pause" in Finnish), designed by Przemysław "Mac" Stopa. It is a furniture collection inspired by designs from the 50s and 60s of the 20th century that match the home office design trend perfectly.

Tauko is characterised by soft, aesthetically pleasing organic shapes and high quality wooden elements. The chairs have a unique seat that consists of two halves fastened together at the bottom. As a result, we offer an interesting visual effect and full sitting comfort ensured by the well contoured line of the chair bucket.

The wide palette of finishes and the colour concept that harmonises perfectly with the new trends make the Tauko chairs and tables ideal solutions not only for offices, but also for hotels and cafes. Thanks to their modularity, the tables are also perfect for conference halls and training rooms.

Soft materials and the combination of comfort, interesting design and functionality all help create a cosy, home-like atmosphere. So, it's time for a "tauko.


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