Original design conference table / rectangular / round / square
FLIB by Jurek Bochacz Nowy Styl Group


  • Style:

    original design

  • Shape:

    rectangular, round, square, oval


With agility and speed, it can instantly adapt to any situation. The FLIB conference table system enables the free arrangement of rooms in a matter of minutes. It's mobile, functionaland exceptionally easy to use. Thanks to FLIB a space can be rearranged with literally a few movements. And when it is not needed, it takes up very little room waiting for its next job.

The Flib family of mobile, folding conference tables consists of tables available in 5 different shapes, as well as 2 table tops serving as connectors for 90 degree angles. The quick enlargement of conference space is possible thanks to the combination of rectangular and oval table tops. All the tables are built on a moveable base in an ALU or chrome version, with 4 castors (65 mm). Two of these castors are equipped with a brake. Mounted on this construction is a melamined on both sides flip top, 25 mm thick, which can be folded up to enable effective storage of the tables. Tables available also on glides. Flib tables can be easily mounted together by using special plastic connectors. In order to facilitate the joining of tables with the help of connectors, four additional metal elements are located on their
surface, making it easy to fit the table top edges together. It is simple and intuitive to connect the system’s elements, and depending on your needs, this solution enables the creation of any table layout.


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