Original design conference table / rectangular
ERANGE by WertelOberfell Nowy Styl Group


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    original design

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We value demanding customers. We care about details. That is why the eRange, an executive furniture system from BN Office Solution was developed at London design studio WertelOberfell Platform. The furniture system is expressed in a revolutionary and stylish form that is based on the modernist ideas of the Bauhaus and functionalism. We present a dynamic solution for those who are demanding of others, but can be demanding of themselves too.

Conference tables are an integral part of the eRange line. They come in units or as free
standing pieces. Conference table desktops are structured in a similar way to eRange desks
(see page 26). Dimensions of conference tables are 1200 × 1400 mm for the external unit
(rounded off on one side) or the internal unit, and 2200 × 1200 mm for the free standing
table. Modular tables can be built of internal and external components to make up sets of virtually unlimited lengths. The offer is completed with a 450 mm high coffee table.


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