contemporary office armchair / fabric / nylon / on casters
BIZZI Nowy Styl Group



  • Style:


  • Material:

    fabric, nylon

  • Options:

    on casters, star base, swivel, with armrests, upholstered, adjustable


An intense lifestyle is a current indicator of being modern. Success is an object of desire. When we finally have time to sit for a while, even if it is only on an office chair, let us sit comfortably. During the creation process of the Bizzi chair, we were focused on providing a solution to an important dilemma connected with combining functionality required when working on a swivel chair with unparalleled comfort. Our specific goal was to equip the chair with a seat and a backrest far larger than those usually encountered in office chairs. We wanted it to be the answer to the human need for comfort and safety.