contemporary coffee table / wooden / round
LEVEL by Erik Remmers Odesi. Dutch Design Online



  • Style:


  • Material:


  • Shape:


  • Height:

    23 cm, 30 cm, 46 cm (9.1 in)

  • Length:

    40 cm, 70 cm, 90 cm (16 in)

  • Width:

    40 cm, 70 cm, 90 cm (15.7 in)


Round coffee table Level
When you look at this round coffee table, it is noticeable that the frame is sunk into the tabletop. Depending on the black or white chassis you choose, your will choose for a unique design. You can easily assemble your coffee table yourself and use it directly.

The designer about the Level round coffee table
The Level coffee table is a timeless design that fits effortlessly into any interior. Each of the three sizes are available in two colours. The different sizes and colors can easily be combined to make your perfect table. The Level table top is made from oak, the frame is painted metal. The Level can be used as a side or coffee table.