contemporary coffee table / wooden / rectangular
MAAS by Marjolein Kap Odesi. Dutch Design Online



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This coffee table was inspired by the Maas dinning table but is powerful enough in its own.

The design choices were very natural for me, therefore the table has a very natural design. The choice of the materials, the workmanship and the way the details are create the shape of the table.

The coffee table offers a spacious area where you can without care put objects. The choice of oak has made it so practical. Under the plate is a hidden compartment where you can store useful objects.

Length table top
90 cm (95 cm in total)
130 cm (135 cm in total)

90 cm

30 cm

The Maas Coffee table is made from european oak. Oak is very strong and long lasting. The Maas Coffee table is dried and transformed in according to the state of art. We only select the best parts of the oak.

Hidden compartment
Under the table top, there is a hidden compartment in which you can store objects like magazines or remote controls. They will be out of sight, but within reach.

Odesi works with high-quality oil. This oil makes your table completely waterproof and resistant to practically all types of stains. We provide each table with a cleaning kit, including extra oil.