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Pellet boiler / solar / residential / condensing


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    pellet, solar

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The Pellematic Smart from ÖkoFEN offers a new, extremely economical form of heating.

Pellet heating with solar technology
The unique combination of a solar and pellet boiler in one unit primarily makes use of solar power, but with a highly efficient, condensing pellet burner ready to step in when needed. This can mean savings of up to 50% in heating costs when compared to conventional pellet boilers.

The Pellematic Smart is also incredibly compact for a pellet boiler, needing only 1.5 m2 to install. The small footprint can be capitalised on especially in a new-build environment, where the boiler will integrate easily into a standard utility room.

Power ratings of our solar pellet systems
The Pellematic Smart pellet heating with solar technology and accumulator tank is available in the following power ratings:
4 kW
6 kW
8 kW
10 kW (NEW)
12 kW (NEW)


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