spiral kneader / commercial
FA/181/M OEM - Pizza System



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How can our fixed head mixers help you?

A great worker at a great price
Over the same period, you can produce 6 times as much dough as you can by hand mixing.
Obtain the dough you want in just 15-20 minutes.
Constant temperature
The machine runs at low rpms to avoid overheating the dough (max. temperature 24 °C).
Ideal oxygen levels
Produces a smooth dough according to your own recipe and proportions.
Stretchy dough
The dough obtains the right consistency without sticking to the bowl.
Reduced footprint
You can save space as the low height means they can be positioned beneath worktops or ovens; by fitting castors they can be moved wherever you want, ready for use at all times.
Practical range with an essential design.
Quality-and price wise remarkable. Silver colour version with black panels.

An interesting feature: the special bowl safety guard lets you add ingredients with the mixer in operation giving you full control over the dough at all times.