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Electric oven / commercial / pizza / single-chamber
PULSAR 635L-1 OEM - Pizza System


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High baking performances - Integrated intake module, in every baking
chamber, so to expel the baking fumes in the best possible way - Manual chimney setting with servo-actuated control - The frame is entirely in S/S (it helps the baking and the browning of the product) - Extremely intuitive control through 3 knobs to adjust the main baking parameters - Touch screen display to control the oven functioning and to modify the working parameters - Self cleaning function - Both sides of the oven are lighted, granting a total visibility inside the baking chamber - Panoramic double glass along the whole door (ceramic reflecting glass inside, temperate glass outside) - Latent heat recovery under the baking surface so to get a fast and uniform baking - High thickness refractory baking surface, granting excellent heat retention - Complete range to meet every need Max. temperature 400°C. - Every oven can be equipped with a fumes exit kit and it can also be completed with stand, neutral or heated chamber (their height can be regulated through a set of adjustable rises) supplied with wheels.


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