electric oven / commercial / pizza / deck
ENERGY 935/1 OEM - Pizza System



  • Power source:


  • Sector:


  • Type:

    pizza, deck

  • Other characteristics:

    single-chamber, modular

  • Depth:

    146 cm (57 in)


How can Energy help you?

Its power ensures an extraordinary baking performance. Built entirely in AISI 430 stainless steel, it bakes and browns the product to perfection.
High output
Perfect for high-output. The largest model will bake simultaneously 9 pizzas of dia. 30 cm, 4 pizzas of dia. 45 cm or 4 trays (60 x 40 mm).
Control over power and consumption
A microprocessor controls 6 different baking zones (3 top and 3 bottom). It also incorporates an air-recirculation heat recovery system which optimizes energy consumption.
User-friendly and bespoke baking
A simple, intuitive interface lets you choose among 3 different baking programmes or set the baking parameters you prefer. Also features automatic switch on and self cleaning functions.
Good modularity
Available in various sizes in single-deck, twin-deck and triple-deck versions.
Excellent draught
The integrated hood on top of each baking chamber ensures good extraction of baking fumes, whilst the chimney can be automatically or manually adjusted.
Perfect intake
Its system removes moisture by means of vacuum, preventing residual accumulation on the extractor fans.
Totally frontal maintenance
All maintenance is carried out frontally since the front panel and baking surface are fully removable.
Stylish and highly versatile
It will perfectly suit the style of your premises since the stainless-steel front panel is available in several different colours.