electric oven / commercial / pizza / single-chamber
HELIOS 104 OEM - Pizza System


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  • Sector:


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  • Other characteristics:

    single-chamber, rotary

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How can Helios help you?

Perfect all-round baking
The rotary plate guarantees effective, even baking.
Good performance
Bakes up to 70 pizzas per hour with reduced energy consumption. The oven’s rotary movement will attract your customers’ attention.
User friendly
There is no need to move the pizza whilst it is baking.
Recessed solution
The special shape of the front panel allows it to be recessed in the wall (useful where space is at a premium or you want to hide the oven’s internal structure).
Corner option
Special side pieces means it can be positioned in a corner.
The ceramic-coated front panel can be enamelled with a vast range of solid colours.
Eye-catching design and special chamber (truncated prism) for optimum heat distribution and maximum heat output. The rotary baking surface is made from refractory material guaranteeing optimum heat retention.

Control panel

Temperature control
Separate roof and bedplate power settings
Speed and direction of rotation settings
Also includes on/off switch and interior light
Fitted with emergency stop (mushroom button)


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