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Vegetable cutter
TV80 - TV100 - TV150 OEM - Pizza System


Cutting with precision and decorative shapes a wide range of products is always easier with the complete range of vegetable cutters Aurea. These machines as the result of a long experience and rigorous research, aimed at achieving the highest quality of cuts, are able to meet the highest expectations of catering professionals from around the world. ACCURATE AND EFFICIENT IN ANY ENVIRONMENT - The TV80 TV100 TV150 series have been designed to provide a practical solution to kitchens and food preparation institution, in need of producing small amounts, still seeking reliability, slicing quality and excellent energy-power; these standards are usually met by larger professional machines. MODERN AND COMPACT TALIAN DESIGN - Thanks to its reduced size (L25 cm) each and every specific model may be easily installed directly on the preparation table. The machine is design, with well-proportioned streamlines, shows quite a remarkable reliability and highlights the manufacturing quality and a care for good operation performance.


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