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Vegetable cutter
TV300TL OEM - Pizza System


Trolley vegetable cutter - It is the ideal version for all medium and large kitchens which need to produce large quantities of product in a short time. This cutter offers high cutting quality and quick adaptation to any vegetables.
Thanks to the two interchangeable hoppers with the same power unit, you can configure the machine according with the cutting need and with the targeted productivity.A hopper for every need - The free gravity hopper, also stainless steel made, is ideal for working large amounts of medium sized food, when it is not necessary to strictly control the cutting sense or to reach a strong cut precision. An excellent workstation - The trolley available for machine installation has not been designed as a simple support, but as a real productive workstation. It has an ideal height for the placement of the machine, which promotes and does not tire the operator when loading or picking products. Also this support is fully constructed in stainless steel AISI304 and is ideal to accommodate standard “Gastronorm 1/1” basins.


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