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HELPY + PM OEM - Pizza System


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HELPY + Planetary mixer
Planetary mixer useful to mix, knead and whip. Made up of a stainless steel tank (capability of 8 Liter) with a transparent anti-splash cover and a safety opening, in order to add other products during the processing. The machine has got 3 tools: paddle, whisk and a hook. The hook allows a remarkable saving of time to process products for patisserie or small quantities of bakery dough (different doughs for pizza or fresh pasta). The whisk is useful to prepare quantities of whipped cream or whipped egg white, custards, etc… it can be used also with the paddle for soft dough: biscuits, sponge cake, bases for cream puff, cakes, etc.

A multipurpose device at your service.
The best way to prepare food inevery professional kitchen.. Helpy handles vegetables, fruit, meat, flour, eggs... The high machine’s competitiveness and competence together with the interchangeable attachments build up a multifunctional system unique in the food processing. The speed electric control enables the machine, in complete safety, to handle meat, vegetables, fruit, flour and eggs, dried fruits, chocolate etc., using compatible devices as vegetable cutter, meat mincer and tenderizer (plus meat shredder accessory), and Planetary mixer.


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