spiral kneader / commercial / tilting
RB/301/T OEM - Pizza System


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    commercial, tilting


How can our spiral mixers help you?

Greater convenience with the tilting head
The tilting head offers improved dough control. Work and remove dough quickly and easily by lifting the head.
Facilitate your task
Produce large amounts of dough without effort.
The dough you want in just 15-20 minutes.
Constant temperature
The machine will not overheat and the dough is at the right temperature for fermentation and leavening.
Ideal oxygen levels
You obtain a really smooth dough whatever flour type and quantities you have chosen.
Stretchy dough
Whatever your recipe and method, you obtain a silky smooth dough very time.
Extremely handy with removable bowl
The removable bowl allows you to store the dough in it without moving and also have several bowls in which to work.
Extremely powerful and sturdy, these mixers feature a modern design and are a tireless and are the reliable right partner for your work. The blend of eye-catching and functional features meets all current safety regulations. They are fitted with timer to keep everything under control and offer 2 different speeds for faster dough preparation when required. Another feature worthy of note is the shape of the bowl safety guard because you can add ingredients with the mixer in operation giving you full control over the dough at all times.