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Pizza dough molder
PF/33/MT OEM - Pizza System


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Outside dimensions
cm L x P x H 41 x 55 x 78
KW/max Volt 3,25 / 400~3N
Max. temp. °C 180
Weight Net/Gross Kg 115 / 122

PIZZAFORM is a heat-moulding machine, studied to mould evenly and quickly the pizza dough. Thanks to the balance of heat and power,
the rounded loaf can be rolled out up to a maximum diameter of 33 cm using the PF/33/MT model and 45 cm using the PF/45/MTE model. The working speed (3 seconds), the easy and safe use make the PIZZAFORM moulding machines a necessary instrument for continuous working, both in crafts production labs and in modern catering centres (such as pizzerias with pizza sold by the slice, take aways, pizza corners in shopping centres, etc.). It proves useful even in the most traditional pizzerias, especially in the rush hour work periods. The upper plate is usually supplied with an exterior flare of 2 mm, allowing the creation of the border, or completely smooth, in case you prefer a flat pizza disk. As for all the machines of the PIZZAFORM line, you can consider a maximum production capacity of about 300 pizza/hour.


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