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Commercial oven / electric / pizza / 2-chamber
MF/3 OEM - Pizza System


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Inside dimensions
cm L x P x H 63 x 63 x 10
Outside dimensions
cm L x P x H 88,5 x 69 x 65,5
Kw/h - Kw/max - Volt 5,6 - 7,4 / 400 ~ 3N
Max. temp. °C 400
Weight Net/Gross Kg 118 / 134

MF series consists of a singlechamber model (MF/1) and two models with two chambers (MF/2 and MF/3). MF/1 and MF/2 models have a special push-button, by which it is possible to cut out the power of the lower resistance: this procedure is particularly useful to gratinate gastronomic specialities and/or vegetables. Unlike MF/2 model, MF/3 model has separated baking chambers and relevant independent control elements.

Monobloc mini ovens suitable for small outputs, they are particularly useful to heat up pizza slices or to complete baking in case of precooked pizzas. The structure is entirely made of AISI 430 stainless steel, while the baking surfaces are of firestone. The heating system utilizes armor-plated resistances; the heat insulation consists of a layer of evaporated mineral wool and ceramic fibre. The temperature control is assured by thermostat with possible adjustment from 0 to 400 °C. A rechargeable safety thermostat assures a temperature maintenance within 450°C.


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