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Gas oven / commercial / pizza / single-chamber
SG/23/S GPL OEM - Pizza System


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Inside dimensions
cm L x P x H 60 x 90 x 14
Outside dimensions
cm L x P x H 102,4 x 115 x 54,5
KW/max Volt 20,5 - 220/240
Max. temp. °C 400
Weight Net/Gross Kg 211 / 237

Ovens are available with stainless steel (S) front part and any available gas can feed them (GPL, liquid propane, methane gas, etc.). A halogen lamp system allows the inspection of the oven chamber, whose maximum working temperature reaches 400° C.

SG/23 and SG/33 single chamber gas ovens apply a special technology, unique in its field. As a matter of fact, they use independent and Ceiling/Bedplate differentiated adjustment burners, in order to obtain the best heat distribution. The particular conformation of the burners, produced with micro-holed fettling plaques, allows reaching a
heat irradiation, which is suitable to the power desired, in order to assure a quick and uniform bake. This special characteristic allows baking products directly on bricks, assuring all benefits deriving from it. The baking chamber is completely made of stainless steel, while the baking surface of firestone; Unburned gases exhaust is placed on the
upper part of the chamber, from which they are conveyed towards the flue.


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