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Electric oven / commercial / conveyor / pizza
TL/105L/1 OEM - Pizza System


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    conveyor, pizza


The baking process of static tunnel oven mod. TL/105L is based on its composition: a chamber, strengthened by means of refractory material walls and provided with armor- plated resistances on the Ceiling and on the Bedplate; this chamber is crossed by a conveyor belt on which the products to be baked, such as pizza, are put.

A halogen lamp system allows an easy inspection of the oven chamber. The structure of the oven is completely made of stainless steel. It is possible to plan the bake by means of an electronic digital control panel and to adjust temperature and time according to the conveyor belt speed. Four different baking programs have been recorded on the microprocessor, while a fifth can be customised according to the users needs. A Stand by control allows economizing energy consumption. Both the structure and the shape of TL/105L tunnel oven allow overlapping up to three chambers, assuring in any case a very good ergonomics. Easy to use and very moderate in electricity consumption, this kind of oven is suitable both for baking and regenerating gastronomic specialities.


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